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Elev8 Delta 8 1000mg Tincture

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Our Elev8 Delta 8 tincture is one of the more universal products available, with different options when it comes to consuming.  Simply infused with organic MCT oil.  Take sublingually, mix with your favorite juice or smoothie,  even uses as a good alternative for cooking!  

Contents: 1000mg (Roughly 28-30 Doses)
33mg per serving (full dropper)

One dose (full dropper) is 1mL. Each bottle contains 30mL.

  • Type: Broad-spectrum ∆8 THC oil with natural terpenes
  • Amount of Extract: 1000 mg
  • ∆8THC Content: Testing at 95%+ Δ8THC
  • Extraction Material: Hemp Derived
  • ∆9THC Content: Less than 0.3%
  • Natural Terpenes: Yes