Will CBD Make Me Fail a Drug Test for Work?

Kat Austin

Kat Austin

Will CBD Make Me Fail a Drug Test for Work?

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CBD products are quickly becoming popular all over the world, and although they bring many people relief, others are touched with concern regarding their corporate drug tests. It’s a common concern since a simple act like indulging in a cannabis energy bar could spike a bad test result.
cbd drug testOf course, cannabis is usually a no-go for anyone that is THC restricted by their job. Cannabidiol may offer a way around these restrictions though, without causing you to miss out on the potential benefits of the cannabis compound. You’re not completely out of the water, though, because you’ll still need to understand the difference in all the CBD products available and how to choose the best one for your work environment.
There are even options that allow you discreetly dose while at work without putting you in danger of failing a drug test, which can be convenient for people who wish to experience the continued benefits of CBD while at work without turning any heads. Understanding the difference in CBD products and THC products is the first step to easing your CBD drug test concerns.

Do CBD Products Have THC?
You may be wondering if CBD products contain THC, too, since they are both cannabinoids derived from the same plant. The short answer is both yes and no. There are many marijuana strains across the country that contain a CBD content as high as 20%. These strains generally contain plenty of THC, levels as high as 25%, which is definitely enough to spark drug test concerns.
This is where full spectrum products come from, or products that contain a whole plant formulation. These products can be potentially useful for a range of ailments, especially since they combine the potential benefits of every cannabinoid found in cannabis.
For full spectrum CBD products that are legal across the country, they must be made from industrial hemp and contain less than 0.3% THC. However, for people who use their CBD products heavily and also have strict THC regulations at their job, that small amount could still be too much.
This scares many people away from the potential benefits of the supplement, but it shouldn’t. There’s another option that gives hope to anyone who might benefit from cannabidiol but is worried about their drug test regulations at work.

How to Avoid CBD Drug Test Problems
If you want to incorporate CBD supplements into your routine but want to avoid any drug test problems, you might have two options: isolates and broad-spectrum products. CBD isolates are exactly as they sound—isolated CBD molecules with no other additives from the cannabis plant or otherwise. These products might be useful for people who benefit from CBD but can’t have any THC products due to work or legal restrictions. Of course, this means they won’t be able to experience the effects of any other cannabinoids, like CBN or CBG, either.
cbd capsulesIsolates do have one drawback for some users, though. They are only available in a crystallized form, which means there’s not many tinctures, edibles, or on-the-go dosing options that make it easy to dose while away from home. Many people solve this issue by using their CBD isolate crystals to make their own edibles at home and then package them up for dosing on the go. However, CBD isolate capsules do make it easy to take you isolates with you wherever you go.
There’s another option that exists for anyone interested in the effects of full-spectrum products. Broad spectrum products include a whole plant formulation, but with no THC. This may make them useful for anyone with CBD drug test concerns. Broad spectrum products are not quite as restricted since they can contain carrier oils and other terpenes for scent and flavor. If you prefer tinctures, edibles, topicals, or other easy dosing styles, broad-spectrum products may be the way to go.
Of course, you should always consult your doctor before choosing a CBD product or adding cannabidiol to your healthcare routine. Cannabidiol will affect every user differently and you and your doctor will be able to decide which THC-free method is best for you.

Best CBD Products for Dosing Discreetly at Work
Once you have learned which CBD products won’t affect your corporate drug testing, you’ll still need to choose a product that makes it easy for you to reap the potential benefits of cannabidiol while you’re on the job. There are many options, but here are 3 popular dosing options that contain no THC at all:

CBD Isolate Capsules: Isolate capsules are often the easiest option for those who aren’t interested in the effects of broad-spectrum products and only want to dose cannabidiol while on the go. Capsules are convenient, pre-portioned doses of pure CBD that are taken like any other pill, so they won’t turn any heads if you take them while at work. Some CBD capsules contain additives that give targeted effects, like essential oils. Get Zen Tranquility Capsules also contain Lavender essential oils and may be useful for promoting a pain-free experience, managing nausea, and calming nerves.buy cbd capsules

CBD Topicals: Another discreet option for using CBD at work is choosing topical solutions, like lotions, creams, or salves. CBD topicals are a great way to combat common skin ailments and promote a pain-free lifestyle. Hemp topicals have moisturizing properties as well, which makes them useful as a lip balm or to combat dry, cracked skin. For CBD topical solutions on-the-go or to discreetly use at work, try Sacred Biology CBD Skin Care Travel Kit, which includes a variety of cannabidiol-infused topicals, from energizing lotion to CBD deodorant.buy cbd topicals

CBD Edibles: There are many CBD edible products on the market that offer a deliciously discreet option for dosing while at work. Edibles offer many of the same benefits as other cannabidiol products but can be eaten while among friends and co-workers without turning any heads. Velobar CBD Protein Bar is a protein packed cannabidiol-infused option full of delicious ingredients, like organic almond, pumpkin seeds, cocoa, and more.buy cbd edibles

Should I Use CBD?
If you have no THC restrictions and have spoken with your doctor, you can buy CBD oil online to enjoy a wide variety of options. However, if work restrictions or THC sensitivities limit you only to isolates and full spectrum products, you can also find a great selection when you buy CBD online.
If you are considering adding cannabidiol to your regular routine, especially if you want to use it to replace any existing medication, always consult your doctor first. Cannabidiol uses and dosing varies person to person, so you should always consult your doctor before choosing a product or designing a routine that fits your lifestyle.

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