Vida Optima

Delta 8 THC 10mg Candies 10pack, Creamy Caramel

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Creamy, whipped, delta 8 THC infused caramels will take your taste buds for a euphoric & pleasant ride!  Each 100mg pack contain 10 caramels made with high grade delta 8 oil, dosed at 10mg per piece. Melts in mouth for rapid absorption of medicine. 

*Important note: Please be mindful of your local weather in your area.  Our candies are stored in freezers and frozen when sent out, but have a chance of melting during hot climates of 85+ degrees F.  Although this does not affect their actual quality and mostly their shape, we are not responsible for replacing melted candies.  PRO TIP: If it's warm where you are, one you receive, place packages directly in refrigerator for about 10-15min before consuming