CBD Dark Chocolate Bar

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This natural CBD dark chocolate bar boasts a smooth mix of hemp seeds and tastes like a grown-up Dairy Crunch. You can now enjoy the numerous effects of CBD in a yummy Dark Chocolate.

The effects of CBD are vastly different from traditional THC edibles. CBD Dark Chocolates are a non-psychoactive cannabinoid so users will not experience any feelings of being “high,” such as they would with THC products.

CBD is great for reducing pain and inflammation, stabilizing and uplifting mood and managing symptoms of nausea and vomiting.


Size / Volume

8 Squares

Total CBD


Dose / Serving

15mg / Square

Product Facts

Full Spectrum


CBD Dark Chocolate Bar Ingredients

The full line of chocolate bars available at CBD Living are made with 100% natural ingredients. CBD is infused into each chocolate bar through the use of nanotechnology, which makes our chocolate easily absorbable through the liver and bloodstream.

Due to high absorbency, the effects of milk chocolate bars will take effect rapidly.

Each Hemp Living Chocolate Bar is gluten free and contains:

  • 120 mg full spectrum Nano-CBD extract per bar

  • 15 mg CBD per segment

  • 8 segments per bar

Ingredients: sugar, palm oil, nonfat dry milk, cocao, soy lecithin & salt

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