CBD OIl For Dogs

Shopping for CBD oil for dogs can be confusing and complicated, especially if it's your first time buying a CBD product for your dog. CBDOnly makes it easy to get the right dose for your pet, with easy-dose products, like our Pet CBD Tincture, made by Paradise, along with additional products, like our pet treats infused with the goodness of CBD. Pet experts and vets caution pet owners to give a precise dosage to their beloved companions in order to ensure the maximum benefit provided by CBD. Our Paradise CBD Tincture contains 5mg of CBD per full dropper- the exact dose for a large breed dog. Give 1/4-1/2 dropper to smaller breed dogs and cats.

Is CBD Good For My Dog?

Dogs of all ages and breeds benefit from the relaxing and healing benefits of CBD; in fact, many vets prescribe CBD for their furry patients living with cancer pain, hyperactivity, pet depression, anxiety, and a long list of medical conditions and symptoms. If you've received a prescription from your vet or suspect your dog will benefit from taking CBD, you can safely and effectively dose your dog with the help of one of our live agents at CBDOnly. Just let us know the weight of your dog, and we'll recommend the right product and amount. Our Paradise CBD oil for dogs is one of the easiest-to-use products on the market.

Will My Dog Refuse to Take CBD?

Depending on the product you purchase and the ingredients it contains, your pet may be more or less willing to cooperate with taking CBD. Dogs prefer a CBD oil that does not contain additive flavors or filler ingredients- Paradise CBD tincture from CBDOnly has nothing added to its Co2-extracted CBD hemp oil but pure, organic olive oil that is pleasant tasting to dogs and cats. Add to your dog's food, drop into their water bowl with a minimum amount of water to ensure ingestion, or just drop on your dog's tongue for immediate effects.


When you purchase CBD oil for dogs from CBDOnly, you'll have the peace of mind that only comes from giving your pet a quality product you can feel good about. Most CBD liquids for pets contain mostly additives that compromise the effects of the CBD and make it seem as though you're getting a lot of product at a low price, when in fact, you're paying for the fillers. Our 1-oz bottle of Pet CBD oil at CBDOnly contains 30ml or 30 full 5mg doses of CBD. For large breed dogs, that's a one-month supply of CBD- for smaller breed dogs, depending on the dosage, you can expect the bottle to last from 2-4 months.

Lasting Value From CBDonly

We're sure you'll find our CBD oil for dogs is an excellent value compared with other products on the market. Try our Paradise tincture for one month and see whether your dog benefits significantly from taking our high-quality CBD. For questions about any item on our website, feel free to chat live with an agent using the widget located at the bottom right of any page.