When you need to relax after a hard day at work or are managing pain associated with a medical condition, there's nothing as sweet and relaxing as CBD Gummies from CBDOnly. Our customers prefer CBD Gummies made by Paradise because they contain no filler ingredients or artificial additives that can take away from the purity or potency of the product; in fact, they contain only seven simple ingredients: 

  • Co2 extracted cannabis oil
  • Natural flavor
  • Sugar
  • Gelatin
  • Citric Acid
  • Coconut Oil
  • Natural coloring

How Can I Benefit From CBD GUMMIES?

One of the most significant benefits of taking CBD gummies is being able to get the precise dose of CBD that you want without having to guess or waste time with trial and error. Accurate dosing is the #1 reason why customers choose CBD gummies and edibles over vaping and oils. CBDOnly's Paradise gummies come in two convenient dosage options: 10mg and 25mg per gummy- with no guess-work involved. We recommend first-time CBD patients start slowly with a small dose of CBD- perhaps 5mg for the first dose, increasing the dose in increments of 5mg until you find a dose that works well in helping you manage pain or your symptoms. Gummies are easy to but into pieces for smaller doses and make dosing convenient as well.

Are CBD Gummies Real Medicine?

Don't let the fact that paradise CBD Gummies are shaped like bears fool you into thinking they're not real medicine for real pain relief. Our CBD Gummies sold at CBDOnly are infused with the highest quality of organic hemp oil and made to a high standard, so you'll notice the effects within minutes. Experts indicate that the effects of consumable CBD last longer than those from vaping, making gummies an excellent choice for treating a wide variety of medical conditions and symptoms.

ChoosE CBDOnly, Choose Excellence

Compare the list of ingredients in our products with others being sold on the market today, and you'll see why we have earned a reputation with our customers for reliable products with no compromising ingredients. We aren't fond of artificial flavors, colors, or components of any kind; rather, we prefer to carry respected brand names that rely on strict quality control during the manufacturing process.

More Options in Edibles

Along with CBD Gummies, we have chosen to carry a handful of high-quality CBD edibles to make your life less complicated when looking for an exact dose of CBD. See our inventory for CBD-infused sleep elixirs, dark chocolate and milk chocolate bars, peanut butter, honey, snack bars, cookies, caramels, and drink powders, all containing the same concise list of pure & potent ingredients our product partners are known and respected for. If you have questions about any item in our inventory, feel free to chat live with a CBDOnly agent or send us an email through our 'Contact Us' form.