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What Are CBD Vapes?

The vaping trend is still relatively new but is one of the most popular CBD dosing methods chosen by both medicinal and recreational consumers. Vaping CBD is a convenient dosing method that allows cannabidiol to take effect quickly.

Vaping is also popular because it allows for a good bit of personalization to your vaping experience because vape oils and CBD cartridges are available in a wide range of flavors. You'll also find a wide range of potency options, which may make them beneficial for any medicinal user.

At CBD Only we hope to provide you with a great selection of CBD vaping products. We truly believe in the power of the plant and want to help you find the best product for all your cannabidiol needs. Browse our selection of CBD vape products and please reach out if you have any questions or concerns.

Benefits of the Convenient Dosing Style

There are several benefits to CBD vapes that you won't find in many other dosing styles. Many people choose vaping because it's a quick, easy, personalized way to receive fast-acting relief from cannabidiol. Here are some of the reasons that people choose vaping as their preferred dosing method:

  • Vaporizers work fast.When cannabidiol is vaporized at high temperatures the body is able to utilize it more quickly.
  • Vaping CBD is discreet.CBD vaporizers are generally discrete and produce very little cannabis-like smell.
  • Vaping is portable. Vaporizers are generally small and easily fit in a pocket or purse which makes it easy to dose throughout the day.
  • Vaping is a customizable experience.CBD vaporizers offer plenty of personalization options. You can choose from single-use pins, refillable vape pens, or other vaping mechanisms. You also choose from a range of flavors and virtually any potency you need.

    Types of CBD Vaping Products

    There are many types of vaping products available that allow you to customize your vaping experience to fit your lifestyle. The most frequently purchased vape products include:

    • Single Use Pens:Single use, or disposable, vape pens are an easy option for people who are just starting out or for everyday users. These pens come pre-loaded, last a few days or weeks depending on how heavily you use them, and can be tossed in the garbage or recycled after use. They come in a variety of flavors and strengths and may contain other essential oils or terpenes to help provide targeted effects, like promoting focus or sleep.

    • Refillable Pens (Cartridges):Refillable pens that work with CBD cartridges are a popular option because the battery is only a one-time purchase, and CBD cartridges can be purchased and changed out as needed. This can be a more cost-efficient option since the cartridges usually offer more hits than many single-use pens.

    • Refillable Pens (Tanks): CBD vape pens with refillable tanks are popular because they allow you to change flavors or potencies as needed. The battery and the tank is a one-time purchase, and CBD vape oil can be bought in a variety of flavors, potencies, and sizes. Some people use a CBD only oil and add their own natural flavors to truly customize their vaping experience

    How Long Will CBD Vapes Take to Work?

    Cannabidiol vaporizers are one of the quickest methods in terms of how quickly you will get relief. After inhalation, the CBD almost immediately enters the bloodstream. This means that you may start to feel the effects of your vaporizer after only a few minutes and will feel the full effects within 15 minutes.

    The effects from vaping cannabidiol usually last as long as most other supplements, with the average time being 3-6 hours. The length of the effects varies based on several personal factors, like weight or age, as well as the amount taken or conditions treated. Luckily, it is easy to dose again when needed, and the effects will kick in quickly so that you are never without your CBD relief.

    What Do CBD Vapes Taste Like?

    Cannabidiol vape oils and CBD cartridges come in a range of different flavors. These flavors can range from desserts to sweet candies or fruit flavors.

    Some vape oils are naturally flavored with essential oils and terpenes from the cannabis plant. Many of these have a pleasant floral flavor, while others may be slightly citrus or sweet. Many CBD products strive to be completely organic, which means straying away from artificial flavors found in nicotine vaping products.

    As far as the cannabidiol itself, most people report that it has a “hempy” flavor that is often described as nutty. For many people, the flavor is tolerable and even pleasant. For others, the flavor of the other terpenes, essential oils, or natural sweeteners makes the vaping experience pleasant.

    Buy CBD Vapes Online

    If you think that CBD Vapes are the best cannabidiol supplement for you, you should consider buying CBD oil online. Shopping online gives you access to a wide variety of products, which will help you find the best one to fit your lifestyle. Talk to your doctor to help you decide what type of product and what dosing schedule is right for you.

    At CBD Only, we strive to provide you with a great selection of CBD vape products. We only carry the best quality products, so you can buy CBD vapes online with confidence.


    Health Benefits of Vaping CBD

    Vaping CBD provides many of the same health benefits as other cannabidiol supplements. This makes it useful for many patients, including patients who suffer from severe chronic conditions. Some of the most popular health benefits related to CBD vapes include:

    Pain relief:Cannabidiol binds with CB-1 and CB-2 receptors in the skin. It is then able to disrupt some communication to the brain, namely communications that signal pain. This makes it effective at treating mild to severe pain, including post-operative pain or pain due to injury or chronic conditions.

    Reduced inflammation: Just like it stops signals of pain, cannabidiol reduces signals that incite inflammation as well. This may make it useful for treating inflammatory conditions, like arthritis, or for reducing swelling due to injury or stressed muscles.

    Anti-anxiety: Studies show thatcannabidiol has anxiolytic effects that make it potentially useful for treating anxiety disorders. This could include generalized anxiety disorders, as well as specific disorders like social anxiety or OCD.

    Eliminating Insomnia:Cannabidiol is not a sleep-inducing supplement, but some evidence shows that it has some impact on the sleep-wake cycles. By promoting focus and fighting fatigue during the day, it may be able to help promote more restful sleep at night.