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Vida Optima is a newcomer to the CBD industry, which means they've had plenty of time to take the market's prizes and pitfalls into account.  Using the feedback gathered from years of cannabis advocacy, the brand set out to create a line of CBD products that break the boundaries of the current market. Vida Optima, meaning "optimal life," is dedicated to wellness through everyday doses of CBD combined with nutrition and immune-supporting supplements. This head-on, hemp-based approach to wellness starts with the Vida Gummies, a tasty CBD multivitamin dose infused with vitamins B12 and D3. 

Of course, potent doses of CBD and immune-supporting vitamins don't tell the full story, but this CBD review tells all.

Vida Gummies CBD Review—Our Experience

Vida Gummies come packaged in a sleek medicine-style bottle with a childproof cap. The 750mg bottle holds 30 gummies, which each boast a potent 25mg dose of CBD. 

Upon first inspection, these CBD multivitamins look like classic gumdrop candies, but it only took a few seconds to learn that these gummies are so much more.

The consistency is difficult to describe. These gummies are definitely chewy, as a gummy should be, but they aren’t in-line with that dense, stick-to-your-teeth texture of a true gumdrop.

vida optima gummies textureInstead, these gummies are soft and pillowy. The sugar-coating is a good excuse to toss these around in your mouth before you chew, which is how we found out that they almost melt on their own. Instead of a thick, chewy dose of hemp, we got a tantalizing, full mouth experience. 

The bottle holds an assortment of gummy flavors, each posing a burst of tangy sweetness that is just slightly different from the next. Overall, the texture and flavor exceeded our expectations, which were already set high for a brand dedicated to “living life optimally.”

Still, the true test of any CBD product is the test of time. We started with one gummy (the recommended dose), an eye-for-eye swap for our usual daily dose of 25mg.

Effects began to onset after about 50 minutes and peaked about half an hour after. The most noticeable onset effect was a gentle mental boost. This full spectrum formula seemed to clear brain fog and add a little pep to our step.

After the effects had really kicked in, though, we experienced a different level of relief. What started as a gentle brain boost quickly became the energy that powered us through the day, free of the grips of anxiety and mental fatigue. 

The effects weren’t limited to mental benefits. This full spectrum CBD gummy was like a full system recharge that offered the same relief from chronic back pain that we’ve come to rely on. Relief lasted quite some time, around 7 hours, before effects began to gently wane. Still, a morning dose powered us through to the afternoon and we felt good about knowing we were dosed up on vitamins B12 and D3, too. 

Ultimately, these CBD multivitamins excel beyond the average CBD dose. The combination of CBD and fatigue-fighting, immune-supporting vitamins make these gummies a superb choice for daily dosing. 

Are Vida Optima Gummies Full Spectrum?

Yes! Vida Gummies are powered by potent doses of full spectrum hemp extract thought to provide boosted benefits thanks to the "entourage effect." That means that CBD works in harmony with other trace cannabinoids to offer balanced, sustainable relief. THC levels are always below 0.3% and these full spectrum gummies won't get you high. 

Is Vida Optima organic?
Vida Optima uses hemp that is organically grown and extracted in the U.S.A. 
Hemp is known for its ability to leech toxins from the soil, so Vida Optima understands that careful hemp sourcing is crucial. Hemp is always sourced from a farm with rich, clean soil that avoids the use of pesticides and herbicides. 

Are Vida Optima Gummies Lab Tested?
Yes! Vida Optima utilizes third-party batch testing to ensure the accuracy of every product. These tests show the potent CBD content and presence of trace cannabinoids responsible for hemp’s entourage effect.Click here to view the comprehensive test results from Infinite Labs.

Why Vitamin B12 and D3?

are vida optima gummies veganVitamin B12 is an essential component in the production of new red blood cells and has a major impact on brain health and nervous system functions. Sources estimate that up to 15% of peoplesuffer from a Vitamin B12 deficiency, which can cause symptoms like anemia, fatigue, weakness, depression, poor memory, confusion and more.

Vitamin D3 also helps to modulate new cell growth and plays an important role in neuromuscular and immune functions. It’s also necessary for the absorption of Calcium in the gut, and together Vitamin D and Calcium work to keep bones strong. Unfortunately, Vitamin D is found in very few foods and over 40% of people are estimated to have a Vitamin D deficiency. 

Together, these two dietary supplements help form a basis for sustainable energy, proper immune system functioning, and cell renewal. 

Are Vida Gummies Vegan?

Absolutely! In an effort to make these CBD gummies fully accessible, Vida Optima chose a formulation that is free of gelatin and other animal byproducts, so these Vida Gummies are 100% vegan. 
Are Vida Gummies Gluten Free?

Also yes! No gluten to be found, so these gummies are perfect even for those with gluten sensitivities. 

Where is Vida Optima located?
Vida Optima is based in San Diego, California.

Where to Buy Vida Optima Products? 
You can buy Vida Optima CBD Gummies online from anywhere in the U.S.

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