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You've heard of CBD tinctures, candies, vaporizers, hemp-infused pain cream--probably even CBD tea and coffee-- but how about CBD as the latest natural skincare trend? That's right, CBD is popping up in beauty creams, skin treatments, makeup, and bath bombs alike. Even massive luxury retailers likeSephora and Neiman Marcus have jumped on the hemp-wagon. Why? Research has uncovered multiple ways that CBD may benefit the skin when applied topically, even perhaps in the face of chronic conditions like psoriasis. Research also suggests that CBD may have certain moisture-balancing, inflammation-relieving attributes that make it a secret weapon in many people's skincare routines. Don't take it from us, though, here are the facts:

CBD Interacts With Skin's Regulatory Processes At Their Core

We know that CBD interacts with the body through the Endocannabinoid System (ECS), but taking a deeper look at the ECS helps us understand why the recent aim is on skincare. Aside from regulating many key processes, like sleep, emotion, and even temperature, the Endocannabinoid System is also responsible for things like sebum production, proliferation and growth of skin cells, hormone production within the hair follicle, and more. Even more, the ECS is a main contributor to the body's immune system, and it sends and receives signals of inflammation and pain between the receptor site and the brain. According toone article published in 2009, the Endocannabinoid Systems' main physiological function is to maintain balance within the skin cells. A disruption to this delicate balance could instigate many uncomfortable topical conditions, like acne, psoriasis, allergic dermatitis, hair growth disorders, and more. In many cases, CBD may be the key to achieving balance when the ECS is out of line, which is why it may be useful for an ever-growing list of skincare concerns. 

Hemp Is Non-Comedogenic, But Full Fat

CBD, especially the legal kind, is usually derived from hemp. Hemp oil, generally extracted from the seeds of the hemp plant, is often the first choice for a carrier oil when adding CBD to skincare products. Unlike manynatural oils that cause blocked pores and breakouts, hemp oil is non-comedogenic. That means it doesn't clog pores, trap dirt, or cause an outbreak of pesky pimples. Hemp oil may be the perfect carrier oil for CBD because it distributes that cannabinoid while still leaving room for the skin to breathe.  It also containsomega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, essential fats that help block the breakdown of collagen, offers their own anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects, and may even help reduce signs of aging. 

CBD May Reduce Inflammation and Redness

Among the mass of research, you can find lots of information about CBD’s heavily touted anti-inflammatory effects. Through the Endocannabinoid System, CBD is able to block signals of inflammation, which could make it a hot commodity in the event of a sudden breakout, rash, or otherwise inflamed skin injury. Because inflammation is often a precursor to pain, CBD may also be able to help reduce soreness and sensitivity from these skin conditions as well.  Inflammation is one of the core responses of the immune system in the skin, so it makes sense to say that CBD could play a role in controlling multiple different uncomfortable skin conditions. Plus, reducing inflammation often means reducing the reddened appearance of rashes, sores, or even acne, which makes it a win-win for beauty-related uses. 

CBD May Help Control Sebum Production

Its anti-inflammatory effects may be useful for red bumps and breakouts, but what if CBD could fight acne at its source? Maybe it can. Certainstudies have identified cannabidiol as “ant-sebostatic” meaning it can block the overproduction of sebum within the skin’s cells. Too much sebum, the name for the oil naturally created by the skin, is often the main cause of acne breakouts. That’s right, CBD could be a problem-solver for those with oily skin and may even help control acne breakouts. What’s best? It may do so without drying your skin out. CBD supports the endocannabinoid system in creating balance within the sebum glands. That means it may help stop overproduction, but won’t deplete your skin of its oil source. This is unlike many drugstore products for oily skin that generally work by drying your face out, leaving a whole different problem to solve. 

CBD May Be A Solution For Chronic Skin Conditions

When you combine all of the great skin benefits that CBD brings to the table, you quickly find that it may even have skin-healing benefits that extend to those dealing with a chronic condition. Because of the way that CBD help fight inflammation and pain, it may be a great topical choice for managing uncomfortable conditions like psoriasis. That’s not all though, as studies have shown that CBD may actuallyinhibit keratinocyte proliferation, or the fast-paced growth of new skin cells—the main cause of psoriasis. Another study shows that CBD may be useful in thetreatment of pruritus, a condition causing extreme (and often untreatable) itching of the skin. Cannabinoids may also play a part in conditions likeallergic contact dermatitis and some evidence suggests that CBD may be helpful for calming allergy responses all together, which may be useful for skin care purposes. 


Best CBD Skin Care Products for All Skin Types

CBD has multiple wonderful benefits when used internally and externally, so it’s no wonder why so many people are looking to try CBD for themselves. Luckily, your options are plentiful if you’re looking to add CBD to your skincare routine. There are a variety of lotions, creams, balms, even face masks, that make it an easy feat to benefit from the hemp-derived cannabinoid. Many products work for all skin types, too, so they offer a great place to start for new users. Here are some CBD skincare products that may work for you:


  • Sacred Biology CBD Lotion: You can grab this all-purpose, CBD-infused lotion in eithercitrus orlavender. Each bottle is packed with ingredients that offer vital nutrients for the skin, like aloe, coconut oil, vitamin E, as well as high-quality CBD and hemp seed oil. This lotion is great for most applications and could be used for larger areas or daily applications. 

  • Vesl Purifying CBD Face Masks: You can grab these convenient, single application packets of CBD-infused face mask, complete with activated charcoal, vegan DMAE, vitamin C & B5, and hyaluronic acid (as well as CBD isolate). This is a perfect option for those with pesky pimples or a really dry face, and would work well as a weekly treatment to combat a variety of skin issues.

  • Sacred Biology Healing Balm: This thick balm is perfect for a targeted application of a high-CBD topical, which makes it a great option for combating more severe, or more locally targeted skin issues. Aside from high-quality cannabidiol, this balm contains rosehip, calendula, and shea butter—all known for their skin-healing properties.

  • DEFYNT Skin Anti-Serum:This delectable face serum is jam-packed with goodies for the skin, like vitamins A, E, B3 and B5, carrot seed oil, hyaluronic acid, coenzyme Q10, Provitamin A, Alpha Lipoic Acid, and (of course) CBD. In combination, these ingredients are said to fight damage caused by free radicals, hydrate the skin, and erase or prevent signs of aging. This is an everyday serum that’s perfect for those hoping to control minor imbalances, dry skin, or for use in an anti-aging routine. 

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