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There are hundreds, maybe thousands, of cannabidiol products circulating the market. The products vary by potency and dosing styles, as well as by formulation. Other deciding factors include quality and price. Unfortunately,cannabidiol research is lacking, which makes it difficult for doctors to recommend specific products or dosages. Some physicians do follow vague guides when recommending cannabis products, but most often they leave it up to the customer to choose a product.

For beginners, sorting through the many options can be difficult. Fortunately, this guide will help you choose the best CBD products for you, based on multiple factors, including your own preference. Of course, if the information you obtain from this guide is different than information given by your doctor, always follow your doctor’s recommendations first. In this guide, you’ll learn about all of the most popular CBD products and how they differ in regards to a few important factors, like dosing method, portability, potency, and more. First, you’ll need to work with your health care provider to assess your health needs and preferences by answering the following questions:

  • What type of dosing method are you most comfortable with? Dosing methods could include oral drops, capsules, vapes, infused foods, and topical applications.
  • Do you need large or small doses of cannabidiol?
  • Will you take the same dose every time, or do you need to be able to easily adjust your dose?
  • Do you need a whole-plant formulation (which contains all of the cannabinoids, including THC), or an isolate product, which is purely CBD?

Once you have a vague idea of how to answer these questions based on your personal health needs, you just need to understand the most popular products on the market in order to choose the best CBD products for you.


cbd tinctureCBD tinctures are easily the most popular cannabidiol product on the market. Tinctures are available in whole-plant and isolate formulations. They are a liquid-form supplement that is meant to be taken orally, or dropped under the tongue. They take effect quickly, which makes them popular for people who wish to treat chronic conditions. They do often come with a “hemp” flavor, which is often described as “nutty.” For those who don’t care for the flavor of hemp, there are flavored tinctures that include natural flavor additives to mask the original taste.

Perhaps the greatest benefit of this dosing style is that CBD tinctures make it easy to adjust your dose as needed. Most tincture bottles have built-in medicine droppers on the lid. The tinctures are either measured by the drop or with the markers places alongside the medicine dropper. You can adjust the dose up and down by increasing or decreasing the number of “drops” taken.

Tinctures are pretty discreet and easy to carry. The bottle typically seals tightly and fits in the palm of your hand, so it’s not a problem to toss the bottle in your pocket or purse. People who use CBD tinctures generally take small to medium sized doses one or many times a day and enjoy the freedom to dose on-the-go.


Concentrates are another form of cannabidiol that is designed to be taken orally, but they often feature much higher concentrations than tinctures. Concentrates typically come in oil or gel form and are useful for people that need to take large doses of cannabidiol in order to control their condition. They do often still have the hempy flavor, and you won’t find as many flavored options when looking for concentrates. Generally, concentrates are measured by the “rice-sized” dose, or with a measuring device that comes with the product.

Concentrates are available in whole plant formulations and broad spectrum formulations. They are often sold in a syringe and are not as discreet and mobile as other options. People who benefit from concentrates generally take one or two large doses of cannabidiol per day, usually while at home.

Isolate Powder

Isolate powders are technically a form of CBD concentrate, but they contain only the isolated CBD molecule. They often come in a powdered form that can be added to food or drinks or put into capsules. CBD isolates may be right for some people who have a sensitivity to THC or are THC restricted. Isolates are not generally chosen for portability since they will come in a bulk package of powder. They can be easily measured to adjust the dose as needed. For more information regarding CBD isolates vs whole plant formula, check out ourCBD Isolate vs Full Spectrum CBD Guide.



cbd edibles

CBD edibles are a versatile option for many people, especially since they often come in pre-packaged single does. However, there are a few unique factors concerning CBD edibles that make it a great option for some, and not so great for others. First, edibles take longer to kick in than some other forms of cannabidiol. They must pass through digestion before they are metabolized, which means they can take up to an hour to take effect. They are often processed more slowly by the body, so the effects may last longer for some people.

Edibles come in two forms, including pre-portioned options and bulk options. Pre-portioned CBD edibles, likeCBD gummies, are great for people who take the same dose every day. They generally come in small and medium-sized doses. Bulk options, like CBD peanut butter, can be measured and taken in any dose you wish, including large doses.

Edibles are very discreet and often portable since they look no different than other food items. They also are a great way to integrate cannabidiol into your normal routine, without adding a “new” supplement or medicine. CBD edibles, like snack bars, let you easily dose on-the-go without a second thought.


CBD capsules are pre-portioned cannabidiol supplements, similar to other pills or capsules. They are taken by mouth, and though they take longer than tinctures or concentrates, they take effect more quickly than edibles. Capsules are incredibly discreet and are as easy to travel with as a bottle of over-the-counter pain relievers. Capsules are available in small and large doses, which makes them great for many people who benefit from CBD.

People who take CBD capsules often take the same dose of cannabidiol every day, so they enjoy the pre-measured doses. Capsules also mask the flavor of the CBD, which is preferable for some people. Capsules are easy to integrate into your regular routine since you can just take them alongside most existing medications.


CBD vapes are a popular option as an alternative to people who smoke, or for people who want immediate effects from their cannabidiol dose. Vaping comes in many forms, including single-use vape pens and reusable pens. Vaping gives you ultimately the most control over your dose adjustments. You can choose a very low potency oil and then “stack” doses. Because your vape hit will take effect in as little as 10 minutes, you can take small hits frequently until you reach your desired level of relief.

Vaping is very portable and most vaping devices will fit in your purse or pocket. Cannabidiol vapes are often naturally flavored and usually produce no “cannabis-like” flavor. The only restriction will be in places where vaping is prohibited. Vaping CBD is one of the most diverse dosing methods. For more information, check out the Beginner’s Guide to Vaping CBD.


cbd topicalsCBD topicals include lotions, salves, oils, and other products meant for topical use. CBD skin care products are generally used by those who wish to manage topical conditions, like skin rashes or acne, or by those who want a topical option for muscle relief. CBD topicals are really discreet and can be easily transported.
Dosing is slightly less important since the product is not ingested. Often, CBD topicals are mixed with other cannabinoids, terpenes, and natural additives to enhance the aroma and consistency. The world of CBD topicals is incredibly diverse and should be explored separately from other options. Explore more benefits of CBD topicalshere.


Get the Best CBD Products When You Buy CBD Online

Once you’re familiarized with your personal health needs and all of the available types of CBD formulas and dosing methods, you are ready to purchase a product. When you buy CBD online, you have access to thousands of products so that you can easily choose the best CBD products for you. At CBD Only, we strive to be the best online CBD store by offering you plenty of high-quality CBD options. If you are still unsure which product to choose after using this guide, please reach out to our customer service line for help. We want to help you choose and get you started on the path to natural healing.

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donald oconnor
donald oconnor

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Hi I have muscular dystrophy for 17 years now, my legs get really heavy feeling, I have neuropathy on my feet and toes, very painful I`m losing the muscle in both legs. I was wondering what type of CBD oil would I use for this disease. I have spasticity in my legs, my legs are very tight feeling and feel like 5,000 pounds to lift. My feet drag when I walk, they don`t pick up like normal feet.

Thank You Very Much,
Donald O`Connor

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