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With cannabis’ reputation for causing a mean case of the munchies, it may be more than surprising to hear that people all over the world are actually using CBD, a cannabis-derived health supplement, to lose weight. It’s not so crazy though, and there’s quite a bit of evidence that suggests just why people may lose weight easier with proper use of CBD. In fact, CBD may easily fit into your current health and fitness routine to make it easier to reach your weight loss goals without any crazy fad diets needed. People are using CBD for many reasons, like to increase fat burning and boost their workout potential when at the gym. Keep reading to see why people are buying CBD for weight loss just as quickly as manufacturer stock their shelves, and you may find that CBD is a great weight loss solution for you too.

Is There a CBD Weight Loss Study?

It is understandable why people may be skeptical of using cannabis or any of its derivatives for weight loss. However, despite endless reports of vigorous hunger after smoking cannabis, studies actually show thatcannabis users are statistically smaller in the waist than non-users. Since cannabidiol comes from cannabis, this information is relevant to those who want to use CBD for weight loss. AnotherCBD weight loss study may provide better insight into how it works. This study shows that CBD enables genes to speed up the fat browning process, or the process in which fat is oxidized and burned. The study also shows that CBD increases mitochondria activity, which increases the body’s ability to burn off calories. Furthermore, it also links CBD use to lower production of fat cells overall.

CBD for Better Exercise

CBD may also work internally to help you get more out of your workout, which is why many people are experiencing such great weight loss turnout from suing CBD every day. In fact, CBD may work in several ways to help you boost your endurance and get more out of each workout. It also may help aid the recovery period for quicker muscle recovery and increased muscle gain. If you are interested in how CBD can help you get more out of every trip to the gym, check out thisguide to CBD for athletes.

Is There Potential for Weight Gain?

Many people who are struggling to lose weight are skeptical of trying CBD for weight loss because of the fear that it may actually cause weight gain. Again, this is likely linked to the appetite-inducing effects that many people experience when using THC. THC, the psychoactive cannabinoid found in cannabis, is linked to appetite stimulation and is often used therapeutically for this application.

Otherterpenes, like Myrcene, are also known for stimulating appetite. Sometimes cannabidiol is even used for treating poor appetite, and experts suggest CBD may have therapeutic value for those struggling to gain or maintain weight due to a low appetite. However, it is important to understand that CBD has effects that may help achieve weight gain, but it is not an appetite stimulant. For those with a healthy appetite, CBD on its own may pose no known threat of weight gain.

Other terpenes may be useful for controlling appetite, too. For instance, it is widely accepted that humulene may help to balance the hunger-inducing effects of THC. Many people combine the effects of CBD and Humulene for increased weight loss efforts. Choosing a CBD product that is THC-free and free of other terpenes that may stimulate appetite is the first step to ensuring that it doesn’t cause unwanted weight gain. Forthis reason,CBD isolates are a popular choice for using CBD for weight loss.

Best Dose of CBD for Weight Loss

Many people are interested in using CBD for weight loss but aren’t exactly sure where to start. For experienced CBD users, it may be easier to decide on a dose for using CBD for losing weight. However, new users may not have an idea of the best dose of CBD for weight loss. Unfortunately, a lack of research makes it difficult for experts to design any type of dosing guidelines for CBD users. The best dose for each person varies based on several factors, like weight, age, tolerance for cannabis and CBD products, existing health conditions, and more. Instead, most CBD users find their best dose by careful experimentation. Starting with a low dose (sometimes as low as 1mg per 20 pounds of body weight) is a great way to get a feel for how cannabidiol will affect you. Then, you can increase your dose slowly to see how you feel. When you start to experience increased weight loss, you’ve found a good dose. If you experience any adverse effects of cannabidiol, you may need to decrease your dose. Themost common side effects of CBD are often due to taking too much.

How and When to Take CBD for Weight Loss

Using CBD for weight loss is a personal experience, and when and how to do it depends on your regular workout and diet routine. There are a few tips you can follow to help you design a CBD weight loss routine that works well for you. First, many people take CBD first thing in the morning. CBD may help stimulate focus and prevent fatigue since it works as a wake-promoting agent. Preventing fatigue early in the day can help curb cravings for sugar or calorie dense foods and help you stick to a healthy balanced breakfast.

Other people find that they experience better weight loss results when they take smaller doses of CBD more frequently, usually about thirty minutes before each meal. You may also want to implement a CBD dose before starting a workout, since it may help fight inflammation and pain during the workout to help you put in more reps and burn more calories each time. Taking CBD after your workout may help your muscles recuperate more quickly so you can get back in the gym even sooner and lose weight more quickly.

There are several styles of CBD that may be perfect for your lifestyle and routine. For instance,CBD tinctures make it easy to measure out your dose each time. They are taken by mouth and begin to take effect in as little as ten minutes, which may make them the perfect solution for regular users.CBD edibles also have benefits, like being pre-measured to avoid having to measure the dose each time. They do take longer to work, about 1-2 hours, but may havelonger lasting effects that help you manage your weight loss routine all day long.

If you are interested in CBD for weight loss, you should try talking to your doctor about the best CBD routine for you. This is especially important if you suffer from existing health conditions, take prescription medications, or are obese. Many people safely take CBD and experience increased weight loss results quickly, and working alongside your doctor is the best way to ensure that you get the most out of CBD.

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