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CBD side effectsCannabidiol (CBD) is a fairly new health supplement that’s derived from an age-old herbal remedy, cannabis. Although the health benefits of cannabis have been widely accepted by many cultures over time, red tape and legal issues tend to get in the way of much needed medical research. The research we do have outlines many potential benefits of cannabidiol, like helping people manage pain or calming anxiety. Our research also suggests the possibility of negative effects, especially due to incorrect dosing. Too much of anything, including water, can have potentially risky effects.

Before starting your CBD journey, you should understand the possibility of adverse reactions and how to identify adverse effects when they start so that you can adjust your cannabidiol routine accordingly. Reported effects are often mild and are rare, but they do happen. This guide to CBD oil side effects will help you notice the signs of an adverse reaction and help you learn how to avoid them in the future.

CBD Oil Side Effects According to Research

There are not very many reports of negative effects after using cannabidiol. In general, most people find that CBD brings them relief from their ailments and has very little noticeable effect otherwise. Of course, the lack of reporting could also be partially due to the lack of research on the supplements side effects. Research is needed to fully understand CBD and its impact on the body.

cbd oil side effectsStudies that test the safety and side effects of cannabidiol generally confirm cannabidiol’s safety profile.One study did list a few common side effects, which they reported were rare and often mild. These effects included tiredness, diarrhea, and changes to appetite or weight. WebMD also lists a few common side effects, including dry mouth, low blood pressure, drowsiness, and lightheadedness. Most sources identify cannabidiol as “safe” or “possibly safe” when used correctly.

Prescription cannabidiol products are even listed as “possibly safe” for children. When looking at common reviews among cannabidiol users, the most commonly reported side effect seems to be headaches. Rarely, someone complains of dizziness or mild euphoria, which is especially possible for people with extreme THC sensitivity who are using full spectrum products.

Why Do CBD Oil Side Effects Occur?

Again, lack of research limits our understanding of CBD oil side effects and why they happen. Most studies are small scale and include animal subjects or small human trials. Just like cannabis, CBD impacts each person differently, and larger trials are necessary to identify what could be causing adverse reactions for each person.

For many other supplements and medications, the reason for adverse reactions is often straightforward. Taking too much may be the most common culprit of adverse reaction to many medications. Drug interactions, the risk of dehydration, and taking medicine without the suggested amount of food or water are other concerns.

Cannabidiol may react poorly for many of the same reasons. Taking too high of a dose, taking cannabidiol too frequently, taking it on an empty stomach, or mixing it with the wrong medications may result in adverse reactions for some people. There may be a number of other reasons that explain an adverse reaction to cannabidiol. If you notice new or unexplained symptoms after starting cannabidiol, talk to your doctor before taking your next dose.

Does CBD Interact With Other Medications?

cbd drug interactionsThere is not enough evidence to fully define the potential of cannabidiol to react with other medications and substances. However, experts to suspect possible interactions due to the results of various studies. Experts do acknowledge that CBD reacts with certain medications used to treat seizures, Clobazam. It also has an impact on certain medications used to prevent blood clots, Warfarin, as well as an asthma medication, Theophylline. Just like cannabis, CBD may react to alcohol as well.

You should also consult your doctor before adding CBD to your regular health routine, especially if you are already taking other medications. Your doctor will be able to help you identify any possible reactions with your current medication. If you suspect an interaction after you begin taking CBD, you should report the reaction to your doctor. In some cases, cannabidiol can be taken alongside your medications but may need to be taken an hour before or after other substances.


How to Avoid CBD Oil Side Effects

Most people can use cannabidiol without experiencing any negative reactions at all. If you are a new cannabidiol user, there are several steps you can take to help avoid the possibility of an adverse reaction due to improper dosing or drug interactions.

  • Start your dose low and increase it slowly in order to avoid a reaction due to taking too much. By increasing slowly (every few days to a week) you’ll be able to notice any mild reactions as a sign to lower your dose.

  • Keep a journal that lists when you dosed and how much you took. If you notice any adverse reactions, record them too. Then, you’ll be able to look back at your dosing history to determine what changes you may need to make.

  • Always tell your doctor every medication you are taking when discussing adding CBD to your health regimen. Don’t start any new medications while taking cannabidiol without first consulting your doctor. Most medicines are unlikely to interact with cannabidiol, but you should always be safe.

  • If cannabidiol makes you feel nauseous, try taking it with a snack or small meal. Taking it on an empty stomach may result in nausea. If you are using an immediate dosing method, liketinctures, you may also need to try a different method.Edibles take effect more slowly and might help you avoid nausea.

  • Always follow your doctor's recommendation when it comes to cannabidiol products. This is especially true if the instructions that come with the product suggest a higher dose than your doctor recommended. Your doctor knows your personal health profile and can recommend a better dose than most manufacturers.

  • Ensure that you only buy and use high-quality CBD oil products. Identifying high-quality cannabidiol products can be tricky because there are no strict guidelines for regulating the CBD market. Look for products with a“third party tested” label that includes only wholesome cannabis or hemp extracts. Avoid any CBD products that might include synthetic cannabinoids, unless prescribed by a doctor. Synthetic cannabinoids arefrequently linked to adverse reactions.

  • If you experience strong euphoric effects and think you may be sensitive to the THC in your full spectrum CBD products, try isolates instead. Unlike full spectrum products, CBD isolates contain only pure cannabidiol molecules, with the trace amounts of THC left out. They may be the best option for people who are sensitive to THC or have THC restrictions.

Buy CBD Oil Online Carefully

Because synthetic cannabinoids, pesticides, and other harmful additives may be found in poor quality cannabidiol products, you should be careful when youbuy CBD oil online. Avoiding any adverse CBD oil side effects starts with choosing a quality product. When you buy CBD online at CBD Only, we ensure that you are getting a high-quality cannabidiol product. We have a variety of products that are great for any users, includinglow-dose tinctures that might be the perfect option for beginners. If you need help choosing a product or have questions or concerns, please reach out to us at any time! We are happy to help and want to get you on the path to all-natural relief.


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Linda T Donnelly

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I have been able to wean myself off of Opioids by using marijuana and CBD oil. The results are amazing!

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