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There is a lot of buzz surrounding one of the latest skincare trends, and CBD products have definitely been rising to the top of the beauty market. CBD beauty brands make some bold claims on their product labels like that CBD treats acne, works to reverse aging, or may soothe topical discomfort. There's science to back up many of these claims, and while other areas might still be a little gray (due to lack of research), that hasn't stopped CBD from gaining plenty of supporters.

Men and women all over the world have added CBD to their beauty and skincare routine. EvenOlivia Wilde says she uses CBD during the day to manage pain while on stage, and her stylist recommends rubbing it on her feet before a red carpet appearance.

Now, adding cannabis to your beauty routine is easier than ever before. There a plenty of options to choose from, ranging from basic moisturizers and face masks, toCBD infused deodorant, muscle rubs, and more. If you're looking to add CBD to your skin care routine, check out how other people are using CBD skin care products to see the best CBD skin care practices.

CBD for Acne and Other Blemishes

Many people are using CBD topical to combat common skin concerns, like acne, psoriasis, and eczema. Evidence shows that cannabidiol reacts with the body in several ways to impact these topical conditions. CBD is able to bind with certain receptors within the Endocannabinoid System that usually send and receive signals that incite inflammation.

By binding with receptors toblock inflammation signals, cannabidiol may be able to reduce or prevent inflammation. This is the main way that cannabidiol may benefit people suffering from eczema or psoriasis. This may also work on inflamed acne blemishes, but CBD also has other properties that make it potentially useful for acne.

CBD may also interact with the Endocannabinoid system toregulate sebum production. This may make it useful for people who find that their skin is especially dry or oily. Since acne is often caused by overactive sebum glands, regulating sebum production might also impact acne. Other people rave about cannabidiol's antibacterial properties, which may be another way that cannabidiol fights acne at its source.

CBD Oil for Wrinkles

Many people are turning to cannabis in an attempt to improve their anti-aging routine, mostly because of claims that CBD oil may prevent and reduce wrinkles. Scientifically, this hasn't been proven, but there's some evidence that explains why people are using CBD oil for wrinkles. Research identifies cannabidiol as havingantioxidant properties. This means that it fights and kills free radicals in the skin, which are the primary cause of many of the signs of aging.

Free radicals can cause lasting damage to the skin that results in wrinkles and scars. By fighting these toxins in the skin, cannabidiol may be a beneficial addition to anti-aging products. Using CBD oil for wrinkles is increasingly popular for both men and women, and many topical solutions make it easy to work into your skincare routine.

Hemp Oil Benefits for Hair

Another way that cannabis is impacting the beauty market is through hemp oil. Hemp and CBD products are similar, but not the same. Hemp oil refers to the oil extracted from the hemp plant, which usually contains trace amounts of all of the cannabinoids found in hemp. Hemp oil does contain some CBD, but CBD products contain higher concentrations. Some cannabidiol products areCBD isolates, which have all other cannabinoids besides CBD removed.

Hemp oil has many wholesome nutrients, fats, and minerals from the hemp plant. Many of these nutrients are used by the cells in our skin, hair, and nails. This is why hemp has become such a staple ingredient in many beauty products, and why many people are using hair products infused with hemp oil.

Hemp oil benefits for hair may include strengthening the hair by increasing moisture and reducing damage due to overly dry hair. Hemp oil may also play a hand in stimulating hair growth because of it's Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids, which are vital to cell growth. Studies have shown that certain oils may protect your hair from absorbing too much moisture, and hemp oil may work in a similar manner. Plus, hemp oil is a great moisturizing agent for the hair and scalp, which helps promote healthy, shiny hair.

Best CBD Beauty Products

The rise in popularity has made CBD products more accessible than ever before. Recent legislation to legalize hemp also encouraged manufacturers to broaden their horizons, and now you can easily access a variety of topical and skin care products when you buy CBD online. Some of the most popular CBD beauty products include:

  • CBD Lotion:CBD lotions may carry all of the skin benefits of CBD, and offer a convenient option for an all-over application. Many lotions are naturally scented and light enough to apply as needed throughout the day.
  • CBD Lip Balm: CBD's skin nourishing properties may also be beneficial for the skin of the lips. The moisturizing properties ofCBD lip balms may be particularly useful for soothing dry, cracked lips.
  • CBD Face Masks:Many brands offer aCBD face mask that makes it easy to real the skin benefits of Cannabidiol. People often choose face masks for hydrating the face or managing blemishes on the face.
  • CBD Soap:Hemp soap andCBD soap are both moisturizing soaps that won't dry out the skin like many others. Many people choose CBD body wash and face wash as a convenient way to add Cannabidiol to their skincare routine.
  • CBD Bath Bombs:CBD bath bombs are another option frequently chosen for all-over body nourishment or relief. Just like any other, these bath bombs burst into fizz in the bath and are loaded with essential oils for an aromatic experience.
  • CBD Deodorant:Many people are ditching their traditional deodorants to avoid aluminum, sulfates, and parabens. CBD beauty brands are offeringCBD deodorant instead, since the antibacterial properties of CBD may make it useful for fighting the odor-causing bacteria on our skin.
  • CBD Healing Balm:Balms and salves are thicker for targeting application. Many people useCBD healing balm to apply to injuries or wounds to promote healing and ease discomfort. Healing bombs might also be useful for spot applications, like on inflamed acne blemishes.

For More Information on CBD

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