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Sacred Biology boasts a line of premium CBD topicals that combine all-natural ingredients, CBD, and essential oils. The brand claims that these carefully formulated products offer relief from many common ailments, like pain, inflammation, and stress. But do they really work?

We decided to test them for ourselves, and put together these thorough Sacred Biology CBD Reviews to help you decide.  

Who is Sacred Biology?

You're likely to find Sacred Biology CBD reviews that talk about how each product works, but we think it's important to look deeper at the brand as a whole to understand what sets them apart from the crowd. Katie Devoe and Kathryn Elliot, the brand's co-founders, were already firm believers in the benefits of hemp when they set out to launch their line of CBD topicals. The woman-owned and operated company has stayed true to its foundation in science and takes special care to deliver the proprietary hemp formula consumers want while leaving behind everything they don't. This approach led to a small, but thorough CBD topical line that's free of parabens, phthalates, artificial fragrances and dyes, and gluten. 

Plus, the brand holds its moral ground, so it's likely to align with most consumers' needs. Sacred Biology's proprietary formulas include responsibly sourced organic ingredients and are never tested on animals.

Where is Sacred Biology located?

Sacred Biology operates out of Southern California. 

Is Sacred Biology THC-Free?

Sacred Biology uses organic hemp to create the CBD extract used in their topical formulation. They take it a step further and remove all detectable levels of THC, creating THC-free topicals that are accessible to anyone. 


Is Sacred Biology organic?

Yes! Sacred Biology uses organic ingredients that are responsibly sourced. Aside from its hemp extract, the brand also uses a range of organic ingredients like coconut oil and rosehip seed oil, as well as essential oils, like arnica and peppermint. 

Is Sacred Biology safe?

In order to ensure consumer safety, Sacred Biology provides thorough test results for the CBD extract material used to formulate each product. Then, they also have each product batch tested to ensure that they meet the cannabinoid requirements and can be accurately labeled. Plus, Sacred Biology avoids anything that could be potentially harmful to skin, like parabens, phthalates, and artificial fragrances or colors. 

Sacred Biology CBD Reviews—Here’s What We Think

Sacred Biology’s line isn’t huge, but it offers enough diversity to cover a range of different ailments. We tested the Sacred Biology Travel Kit, which includes a sample sized version of the brand’s entire product line. The kit is handy, especially for tossing in your car’s glove compartment or your luggage when you’re on the go, but we wanted to know if the products really stave off pain and offer relief like the brand claims. See how each product holds up in our Sacred Biology CBD reviews below:


Sacred Biology CBD Healing Balm

sacred biology cbd healing balmThe travel sized version of Sacred Biology CBD Healing Balm contains50mg of CBD in 0.5 oz of balm. The balm smells sweet and with lingering herbal, spicy notes, likely a result of the ginger, clove, orange, and lavender essential oils listed as ingredients. The balm is solid at room temp but melts on contact, making it easy to apply. It spreads a long way, which makes it great for using wherever necessary.Check out how we put it to the test against cracked, sore feet and a minor, clumsy kitchen burn. 


Sacred Biology CBD Lotion

sacred biology cbd lotionWe loved the travel size 2oz bottle of Sacred Biology CBD Citrus Lotion, which has 50mg of CBD. The lotion is of medium thickness and feels creamy. We tried it several times, several different ways, and it didn't fail us. It really hit the spot for managing dry, itchy skin, which you canread about in our full review. Sacred Biology CBD lotion is also available in alavender variety if you prefer. 


Sacred Biology CBD Lip Balm

sacred biology cbd lip balmSacred Biology CBD Lip Balm is similar to any other lip balm in that it’s pocket-sized and suited for chapped lips. We really think that this lip balm deserves special recognition, and we had awesome success using it every time. The lip balm contains 25mg of CBD and smells boldy of peppermint, which is super refreshing and soothing for sore lips. It applies smoothly, lasts quite a while, and overall comes in handy when you need it. Check out the full story on how this lip balm pulled through, even against some pretty serious wind-burn. 


Sacred Biology CBD Deodorant

sacred biology cbd deodorantSacred Biology CBD Deodorant joins the family of aluminum-free deodorants with an exciting twist:Organic Cannabis Sativa Hemp Seed Oil. The travel size version comes in a small, sturdy twist-up tube that helps you easily apply it as needed. It goes on smooth and we found that it absorbed odors and kept us dry for most of the day, right up until a late afternoon gym session. That's probably thanks to its mineral clay design and quality CBD content. Honestly, we think this deodorant directly compares to our everyday brand, and it may even work better! The gentle formula may make it an option for sensitive skin, too.Check out our full review to see how this deodorant fared against life's stressors.


Sacred Biology CBD Muscle Rub

sacred biology cbd muscle rubThe travel size version of Sacred Biology CBD Muscle Rub comes in the same convenient twist-up tube as the deodorant and contains 150mg of CBD. The rub smells warm and spicy, probably because of powerful arnica, turmeric, menthol, and other essential oil ingredients. The convenient twist-up tube makes it super simple to apply it where you need it without waste. We loved how the balmy muscle rub melts on contact with the skin and warms up quickly, providing thorough relief whenever we used it.Read our full CBD muscle rub review to see how we used it for back pain and post-workout fatigue. 





Where to Buy Sacred Biology Products? 

Sacred Biology is located in Southern California, but you can get these products shipped to anywhere in the U.S.  You can grab any ofSacred Biology’s CBD topicals from our shop, or try theSacred Biology Travel Kit to sample the entire product line.

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