5 Reasons CBD Tea Could Be Your New Favorite Way to Dose

5 Reasons CBD Tea Could Be Your New Favorite Way to Dose

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The cannabidiol market has surged since the signing of the 2018 Farm Bill, and although CBD tinctures and gummies have dominated the market for quite some time, many consumers are turning to new ways of integrating CBD into their daily routine. Some businesses have made this easy by offering CBD infused drinks and beverages, but swinging by your local coffee shop for a cannabis-infused macchiato may not be in the cards every time you need to dose. 

Luckily, there’s a way you can enjoy the cozy comfort of a hot cup of CBD during your mornings (or afternoons) without leaving the house: CBD-infused tea. You’ll probably save a dollar or two by making your steamy, cannabis-infused beverage at home, but that’s only the beginning of the list of benefits you could experience. Here are a few reasons you may want to consider trying CBD tea for yourself, and even a few ways you can mix it up to make this CBD dose just your cup of tea!

Enjoy CBD Tea for Systemic Dosing

CBD tea is a systemic product, much like CBD tinctures. That means that CBD teas provide relief to the entire body through the bloodstream, rather than applying targeted CBD products to a localized spot like you would with CBD topicals. Luckily, systemic products and topical products can be used in tandem, and CBD tea and a topical solution, like Sacred Biology CBD Muscle Rub, may be the perfect combination for combating various body aches. Because CBD tea is systemic, it may also be suitable for internal ailments that respond to CBD. Research says CBD could be useful for multiple internal ailments, ranging from anxiety to Alzheimer’s Disease and more. 

Smooth Onset that Yields Lengthy Effects

When you drink it, the cannabidiol in CBD tea is absorbed in two ways. First, tissues under the tongue will absorb small amounts of CBD and send them directly into the bloodstream. When CBD tea is swallowed, the rest of the CBD must be processed by digestion. That means that some CBD immediately reaches the bloodstream, but not all. The rest may take up to an hour and a half to be metabolized, resulting in light effects that are quick to onset, followed by the slow onset of the full effects of CBD. Because CBD products that are swallowed may take longer to metabolize, many experts believe they may also offer extended effects. Anecdotal reports suggest that CBD edibles and drinks may produce effects that last up to eight hours.

CBD Tea Masks the Hempy Flavor, Boost Hemp’s Benefits

Although CBD has many supporters, many of them aren’t in support of the hempy flavor associated with most natural CBD products. Luckily, CBD tea is an option to help mask that flavor and turn your CBD dose into something enjoyable. Plus, many different CBD teas have benefits that may boost or complement the benefits of CBD. For instance, CBD is a known antioxidant and may even promote wakefulness, two effects that many types of tea also share. With so many types of CBD tea to choose from, you can customize your cup to help you achieve the benefits of CBD you need to most. 

Reap All The Same Benefits of CBD

Even though CBD tea may provide boosted effects, it doesn’t alter the benefits of CBD in any negative way. That means that the benefits you see associated with CBD tinctures or capsules are the same benefits you’ll reap from a cup of cannabidiol-infused tea. Studies show that CBD could host a multitude of potential benefits, like potentially soothing inflammation and pain, providing neuroprotective effects, or even combating anxiety-related disorders. No matter why you use cannabidiol, CBD tea will help you reap those same benefits, just in a more steamy and delicious manner.  

Make Your CBD Experience What You Want and Need

Perhaps the greatest benefit of adding CBD tea to your routine is the ability to get exactly what you need (and what you want) out of your cannabidiol dose. If you’re taking your CBD early morning to help you jump start your day, consider a CBD tea with a moderate amount of caffeine. For those using CBD for weight loss, try CBD in green tea, known for boosting the metabolism. Choosing your favorite flavor of tea is only the beginning, though. Other additives make it easy to control your CBD experience entirely, like by changing the flavor of your tea or even increasing the potency of your dose. Check out our suggestions below.

Customize Your Cup of CBD Tea

CBD tea, just like any other, comes in a wide variety of flavors. Choosing loose leaf CBD teas and using a tea infuser lets you make the cup as strong as you desire and gives you the option to create your own unique tea blends. You can try multiple flavors for yourself, like Matcha Green CBD Tea or Mango Herbal CBD Tea, or you can even use your own favorite teas and just add a few drops of a CBD tincture to your cup. If you decide to go this route, ensure that the tincture contains MCT oil or another essential fatty acid to aid absorption. If not, you can add some yourself in the form of coconut oil for a delicious, smooth cup of tea similar to bulletproof coffee.

Still, CBD-infused teas surely make enjoying your daily dose much simpler, and there are still multiple ways you can mix it up. For instance, if you find a CBD tea that you love but need to increase your dose, try adding a spoonful of CBD-infused honey to your cup. This gives you the ability to perfectly measure and dose your cannabidiol according to your needs while creating a sweet, delicious steamy beverage to enjoy. 

For on the go CBD dosing that is discreet, considering cooling and bottling your cannabidiol-infused beverage to enjoy throughout the day. A tea-infuser bottle makes this simple so you can carry your cannabis-infused beverage wherever you may need relief. CBD tea can be enjoyed hot or cold to reap the same benefits of the naturally-derived compound.

No matter how you take your tea, CBD-infused tea makes it simple for you to deliciously reap the many benefits of cannabidiol, morning, noon, or night. It could be a great option for beginners as well as experienced CBD users. Curious what CBD tea can do for you? Shop online to give it a try. You may also be interested in reading “CBD On the Go: Best CBD Products for Busy Adults.”

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